7 Cancer Symptoms People Often Neglect

‘Health is wealth’ a very popular saying, one which a lot of people take for granted. When it comes to health matter, everything should be taken seriously, ranging from pains, aches, stomach upset and other health issues should be taken very seriously because you never can tell which is sending a signal for something bigger. Recently, research finds that what people call common ailment could be the first warning signs cancer sends out.

In an analysis of over 1, 725 adults over age 50 in United Kingdom  of 17 ailments, 10 of which makes cancer. The adults were asked if they had experienced any of this ailment if ‘Yes’ how did they handle it. In the end, many of these adults regarded these ailments as minor, therefore did not pay attention to it. University College London senior research fellow Katrina Whitaker said   “Some people don’t think they [the symptoms] are serious, and cancer does not leap to mind.”

‘While for the vast majority, “these warning signs will not indicate cancer,” Whitaker says.

Some of These ailment are listed thus:

Lumps or bumps

Any strange lumps or bumps should not be taken likely as it can be a sign of something more serious. In the analysis, 7.5 % of people reported. 67% contacted their Doctors, while 77% didn’t think it could be anything serious.

Cough or hoarseness

It’s the season of  cold and flu so people generally sees coughing as normal. Nevertheless, if your continues, it could prove ‘Laryngeal, Thyroid, or Lung Cancer’. This (cough or hoarseness) was by far the most common sign among the analysis candidates. “We know coughs and colds are everywhere at the moment, and we’re not suggesting everyone with a cough goes to their doctor,” 

“But if you have a symptom that doesn’t go away or is unusual, don’t be afraid to go to your doctor for advice.” Whitaker said.

Change in bowel habits

In Whitaker’s test, 18 %’ of people had experienced changes in the timing, amount, or size of their bowel movements’. These disruptions are mostly caused by certain medications or food but if it persists, then it can be a sign of ‘Colon Cancer’.


Coughing out blood, blood in stools could mean Lung and Rectal Cancer respectively. Vaginal bleeding in women could mean Cervical Or Endometrial Cancer. Bloody discharges from nipples could mean Breast cancer, also blood in urine could mean Bladder Or Kidney Cancer. Abnormal bleeding can take place in any phase of Cancer, when you notice this, visit your doctor.

A long-lasting sore throat

A sore throat could also be caused by cold, but when it remains, it could mean Laryngeal Cancer or Throat Cancer. Among those analysed, almost 78% did not see throat issues as serious.

Unexplained pain

Constant pain in your body is a signal that could mean Bone Cancer or Ovarian Cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, ‘Pains from cancer typically mean it has spread’, this is reason enough to visit your doctor. In Whitaker’s analysis, only 40% of the people were concerned that pain could mean something more serious.

Variation in bladder activity

. Urinary Tract Infections are common in women, yes, this does not mean you should see it as another U.T.I.  Both male and female, if you see blood in your urine, or feel pain when urinating, consult your doctor as that could mean bladder or prostrate cancer.

Endeavour to notice these signs and signals, so as to know when a minor issue will become a big problem.

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