Communal Clash In Abuja

Communities Go Head-To-Head In Abuja Over Land

Commotion in FCT, Abuja yesterday as the inhabitants of Games Village and Mr Albert Alwan, the leader of the Lebanese Community got involved with each other over a road block.

 According to reports, the Lebanese Community claimed a part of the estate where they want to build a ‘church’ but the inhabitants opposed them.

 Jude Uze who is the ‘Secretary of the Games Village Residents Association’ said the residents oppsed the Lebanese because they were recognised as  real members of the estate.

He said, “The Lebanese community said they have approval from the authorities to build a church inside the estate and we said no.

“We don’t have Lebanese community in the estate; who are those that will be attending the church, we don’t know. This morning they just came in and they brought in a container claiming that development control has given them the authority to start work.

“They said they have been given the order that if they were not allowed access into the estate that they should block the access road to estate. That’s the container you are seeing, blocking the estate.

“The fact that we can’t access our estate is a big affront. Can we do this in Lebanon? Can a Nigerian do this in Lebanon?”

 One of the estates security officer known as Mohammed Bala, comfirmed that Mr Alwan denied them access when they tried to search and know the content of the container.

“We don’t know what was in that container, we were afraid, there could be anything in that container, but we have reported to the police,” he said.

Mr Alwan claimed that he had every right to bring the container there saying he got approvals from the FCT minister Mohammed Bello also from the Development Control Department to carry on the church project.

According to him, he decided to block the estate with the container because he was not allowed to enter.

 The container had been moved to the corner of the estate and investigations are ongoing a Senior police officer confirmed.

Her speech reads, “The Lebanese owned a land in the estate but the residents denied them access because they didn’t know them. Before our men arrived at the estate, the Lebanese men had disappeared and the residents had used a crane to remove the container. The police would investigate and find out the truth of the matter.”

More news to come about this..

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