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Dino Melaye repent

Dino Melaye a Senator from Kogi West, on Wednesday admitted that Nigeria is currently in great hunger and poverty, stressing that, Nigerian leaders including himself must repent, and deal with the problem.

Dino Melaye, made this remark while sharing a video of him speaking at The Osasu Show Symposium held in Abuja on his official twitter handle, @dino_melaye.

“Nigerian leaders including me must repent and sincerely deal with hunger and poverty. Nigerians deserve better,” he wrote.

Recall that the Kogi West Senator had last week admitted that the political elites have failed nigeria and her teeming youth.

Dino Melaye, who spoke as one of the panelists at the symposium had said, “When you speak the truth, you die, when you lie, you die; so it is better to speak the truth and die. I may sound very unpopular but I will speak the truth. Apart from militocracy, politics is responsible for poverty and hunger in Nigeria.

“Unfortunately, we the leaders, myself inclusive, have failed this nation and have failed the younger generation, myself inclusive. The reason why we are where we are today is beacuse there is a disconnect between leadership and followership.

 “As I speak to you, the problem why we are where we are is because of trust. There is no trust between the governed and those governing.

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