Paul Pogba of Manchester United

‘Islamic Religion Is Not Responsible For Terror Attacks’-Pogba

Manchester United Midfielder and World most expensive footballer Paul Pogba, has commented on the recent Four terror attacks that took lives and left some in critical condition in England in 2017 , saying it had nothing to do with the Islamic Religion.

The 24-year old Superstar who is a Muslim was in Mecca at the end of the season for pilgrimage said the people should not give-in to terror.

The Midfielder lost his father Back in May, but was outstanding in the Europa League Finals in Stockholm which took place just two days after there was a bomb explosion at a pop concert in Manchester Arena.

“It’s a very difficult moment but you cannot give up. We can’t let them get in our heads — we have to fight for it,” he said.

“Sad things happen in life but you cannot stop living. You cannot kill a human being. To kill a human being — it’s something crazy, so I don’t want to put religion on it.

“This is not Islam and everybody knows that. I won’t be the only one saying that.”

Pogba who won the league cup as well as the Europa league in the first season of his return to Manchester United, said he got his fun sense from his late father.

“When you lose someone you love, you don’t think the same way,” he said.

“That’s why I say I enjoy life, because it goes very fast.

“I remember when I was talking to my dad and now he’s not here.

“He was a very strong man, very stubborn as well. He fought, but at his age it’s not easy.

“Every time you had time with him you were laughing. Very clever as well, because he was a professor. You have to remember the happy things.”

According to Pogba, the peoples’ criticism of not living up to his price tag  did not get to him.

“After one week, I forgot,” he said,

“It’s people that reminded me.

“Because, at the end of the day, when you die, the most expensive and the less expensive, they go in the same grave. So I don’t even think about it.”


Pogba also dismissed the peoples opinion that his team Man.United did not do well overall, he mentioned that not understanding Sir Alex Ferguson in his first united as a 16-year old was his greatest challenge.

“No! No, I couldn’t. At first, I couldn’t,”  using the Scott’s accent.

“I couldn’t even understand my teammates with their Mancunian accents.
“My friends right now, they laugh at me. They say, ‘Oh, I remember the first days you couldn’t speak and now — you speak Mancunian with the accent!’ So it’s funny.”

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