Basori Lal

Meet The 50 year old Man Who Stopped Growing At Five in India

Basori Lal, a 50-year old man with a height of a 5 year old is a celebrity in their village both to visitors and the residents.

He was like any normal kid when he was growing up but around age 5, he stopped growing according to his family.

However, his family couldn’t seek for medical help when his growth paused because they had no money.

Basori was never  diagnosed, and until today, his family does not have the slightest clue of why he is so short.

Gopi Lal His elder brother (55), said: “Nobody was able to take him to a doctor. We are poor people, I am a labourer. Where would I take him?”

He was bullied and toyed with while he was growing because of his side but he is way past those times now.

He said: “People used to bully me a lot. They used to call me an alien. But that time is gone now. I am the only one who is being loved by the villagers.”

Now at 50, He lives with his older brother Gopi and his wife, Satia

Basori  earns a living by working in a factory and he said he enjoys ‘a glass of whiskey’ before going to bed.

basori lal standing

Basori is still single and he says he has no plans of getting himself a wife.

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